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Vienna New Year's Concert Tickets

If you'd like to attend the New Year's concert in Vienna, you have three choices:

- Preview Performance Concert on 30.12.
- New Year's Eve Concert on 31.12.
- New Year's Day Concert on 01.01. (Broadcast on TV)

However, getting tickets to these concerts can be quite difficult because of the overwhelming demand.

What you need to do is go to the Official Vienna Philharmonics Website one year in advance and register for the drawing of tickets between January 2nd and January 23rd.

You will be notified in March whether you won or not. If you didn't, you'll receive the nofication via email. If you got lucky, you'll receice a letter and invoice in the mail. The invoice needs to paid by June 30th.

Properly paid tickets can be collected from October on in their ticket office that is just around the corner from the Musikverein where the concert takes place.

The ticket office is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, and generally, also one hour before the concert.


Ticket prices:

Preview Performance Concert €130-€380 ($180-$520)
New Year's Eve Concert €25-€720 ($35-$980)
New Year's Day Concert €30-€940 ($40-$1300)

On the official Vienna Philharmonics website, you'll be able to find a complete price list with seating chart when they are accepting registrations for the drawing (between January 2nd and January 23rd each year).

For the New Year's Day concert, you are limited to registering for a maximum of 2 tickets. For the other two concerts, registration for more tickets is possible. Note also that you are allowed to register for all three concerts if you wish to do so.

Usually, they receive around 40,000 registrations for only 1700 available seats per performance.

Good luck!

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